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Read&Write is a literacy software product offering reading, writing, studying, and research support tools that integrate with your computer. These integrated tools, and text to speech capabilities, provide alternative learning opportunities to anyone looking to improve their understanding, accuracy, communications, and productivity related to reading and writing. It is especially useful for those with learning difficulties like dyslexia or have cognition issues. It is also beneficial for English Language Learners and offers translation tools.

Read&Write is now available for free to all students, staff and faculty that are part of the Coast Community College District.

Top features include:

Read Write Logo
Read&Write will be made available in specific Open- or English-based labs throughout the District, along with all loaned Chromebooks. However, you are also able to install the product on your personal device by going to the Texthelp Read&Write for Education website.

Get to know Read&Write

Below are some YouTube video links you can view to familiarize yourself with the product and it features.

Toolbar Interfaces

Below is the typical toolbar you'll see base what platform is being used.

Windows for Education
Toolbar for Windows

Toolbar for Mac OS

Google Chrome
Toolbar for Windows

Toolbar for Windows

Toolbar Guides

Some links on handy PDF guides on using the Read&Write Toolbar.


For our student chromebook community, Read&Write will be pre-installed on the loaner device. Look for the Read&Write icon that's pinned to the browser, similar to below.
Chromebook Toolbar Location
After you click on the Read&Write icon, it will direct you to sign in. Select, Sign in with Microsoft and provide your credentials.